This site has about 125 photos for you to look at. It represents some of the projects done for the 1500 or so clients I've had the privilege of serving over the past 30 years. A professional craftsman having created a living in the cane, wicker and rush repair world.

It's a business I had began from home much like my in-laws did about 2 generations ago in the village called Glen Williams, Ontario.

But it's more than that.

It's also about people. People who were kind enough to teach me, and those who have become students. People who became my customers, like the designers repairing family pieces for their clients, families restoring heirlooms (and the memories that go with them), and shopkeepers offering a new find.

About 25 years ago a local reporter named Jamie Harrison, quoted me as saying, "My hands are travelling in the same pattern, (and) in the same way as 200 years ago. It's humbling, something of a tradition".

This is a little about that tradition.

Antique walnut French bergere having hand cane repair